Fish & Yabby Farming Field Day

As Secretary of the NSWAA I’m organising an aquaculture field day at Narrabri Fish Farm.

The NSW Aquaculture Association with the support of Narrabri Fish Farm, NSW DPI Fisheries and Narrabri Shire Council is conducting an aquaculture information and field day on Saturday the 6th April 2019 at Narrabri Fish Farm.

Narrabri Fish Farm
Narrabri Fish Farm

Narrabri Fish Farm is the largest hatchery based aquaculture farm in NSW breeding Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Eel-Tailed Catfish, Silver Perch and Yabbies. The farm has 4 hectares of ponds utilising pristine bore water and a large header pond at the top of the property allowing gravity feed of water to the aquaculture ponds.

Narrabri Fish Hatchery is a HQAS approved hatchery supplying approved fingerlings to the aquaculture industry, the dollar for dollar stocking program with recreational fishers and to private citizens for farm dam and aquaponic tank stocking. The NSW Hatchery Quality Assurance Scheme (HQAS) accredits fish hatcheries for the production of Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Silver Perch fingerlings for recreational fishing enhancement stocking programs. The scheme was developed by NSW DPI Aquaculture and Recreational Fishing Staff. A major objective of stocking programs is to maintain genetic diversity and the HQAS is designed to ensure the genetic integrity and health of consignments as well as the absence of non-target species. HQAS accreditation for aquaculture production is also available for these species as a quality assurance measure for the production of fingerlings to supply the aquaculture industry.

A Bi-coloured yabby from Narrabri Fish Farm
A Bi-coloured yabby from Narrabri Fish Farm

Join us on Saturday the 6th April 2019. The field day starts at 8-8.15 am with early registration for those that would like to participate in setting some different types of yabby traps. These traps will be checked later in the day.

The main event will start at 8.50 am with introductions and the start of the farm tour. Early Bird Tickets are NOW available. Numbers will be limited and this event will be well attended. I urge all that wish to attend to get in early and purchase your ticket now.

Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is included in all ticket prices.

Early Bird tickets Available till 25th March or until sold out

NSWAA Member                               $81

NSWAA Partner                                 $66

Non Member                                       $112

Non Members Partner                         $82