RBM Aquaculture Newsletter downloads

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RBM Aquaculture Newsletter downloads
As our Newsletters almost always contain valuable information that doesn’t go out of date, we have decided to make them permanently available for either download & printing by you, or for you to read on the internet. A brief description of contents is listed under each Newsletter.

September 2005 NewsletterSeptember 2005 Newsletter

September 2005
• New species of Gramastacus
• Revision to Giant Spiny Crayfish
• New book Pet Yabbies goes to
the printer
• Good yabby season for NSW
• CSIRO Super Yabbies


September 2005 Newsletter

December 2005
• Australian Crayfish Project
added to RBM Aqua website
• Update on new Gramastacus
• Cherax Rotundus findings
• What the…? New Engaeus
species found in New England
• New species Wangat Crayfish


September 2005 Newsletter

October 2006

• Update on what’s been
happening in my work life
• Update on what has been
added to the Australian
Crayfish Project.
• Euastacus backgrounds & pics
• Further updates on Engaeus
around the traps