Super Yabby Trap

Super Yabby Net

Super Yabby Tra
Super Yabby Trap

Approximately 14 metres long, this is a commercial trap only for use on commercial yabby farms or private dams

Strictly PROHIBITED in PUBLIC WATERS                                       “MORE INFORMATION”

Single Unit $250.00 each plus GST


BULK BUY 2 TRAPS $400 each plus GST

$200 each

These are commercial nets for commercial yabby, marron and redclaw farmers.
They have multiple entrances to allow easy access for freshwater crayfish, once in they don’t escape, the crayfish tend to wander to the end of the net and get trapped in the cod ends. This one net will catch more than 25 opera house traps and take a tenth of the time to set and check. NOT FOR USE IN PUBLIC WATERS as they are also effective at catching fish and eels, etc.