Basic pond aeration

Yabbies can tolerate very low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. That said they may survive but they will not thrive and if your water quality deteriorates enough then they may die. Commercial farmers need to ensure that oxygen levels within any given pond never deteriorate to critical levels. Commonly, yabby ponds are large, […]

Basic (cheap and easy) pond aeration

Drain Harvesting a Yabby Pond

Commercial semi-intensive yabby ponds are gravity drainable. This is achieved by installing 150 mm PVC sewer pipe into the pond base at time of construction. For commercial ponds construction information see “The Commercial Yabby Farmer”. Yabby ponds are easily drained by removing the stand pipe and allowing the water to flow out. In NSW the […]

Drain Harvesting

Disused yabby or fish farm wanted

Got an old yabby or fish farm with ponds in the paddock that are not being used anymore. Would you like to lease those ponds or property out to a commercial farmer? Get paid each week and do nothing, letting someone else do all the work, you just take the money, if that’s of interest […]

Old ponds

Perimeter Fencing a Yabby Pond

Semi-intensive commercial yabby farming produces quantities of yabbies at far higher densities than occurs naturally in the wild. Ponds are built to specifications that suit the yabbies, shelter is added and food is supplied. All this is inducive to growing large numbers of yabbies quickly. Now the yabby Cherax destructor is one of the few […]

A commercial yabby pond