Using a Super Yabby Trap

These traps are only for use by commercial yabby farmers for commercial harvest, they are traps that are designed to catch everything and lots of everything. They are CATEGORICALLY BANNED from use in Public Waters. Super traps are approximately 14 m long. They are made up of approximately 25 separate chambers, each with its own […]

Super Yabby Tra

Preparing an Eel Trap for use

Eel traps come in two colours either black or green, it makes no difference to the eels and just depends on what is available on the day. Traps are made in China, and it’s hard to designate and ensure we only get one colour. However, the colour of the trap makes no difference to the […]

Eel trap

Large Opera House Eel Trap

Large Opera House Eel Trap Single Price: $25.00 each 3-Off Bundle: $20.00 each Box 10: $18.00 each Click on pic for larger size For further information on how to set up an eel trap for use “Click Here” VOLUME OPTIONS Single Unit $25.00 each 3 Off Bundle $20.00 each Bulk Box of 10 $18.00 each